Controlling and Extending the PC Lifecycle through PC Refresh


Utopic automates, innovates and optimizes

Refreshing PCs as a corporate strategy typically happens at several stages of the PC Life Cycle.

  • Modernize and automate ineffective or outdated processes and tools
  • Reinforcement of corporate standards
  • Realignment towards compliance
  • Migration to a new platform, OS version or hardware upgrades

In any circumstance, a PC Refresh is an opportunity to homogenize, modernize and implement evolving business requirements, but also optimize the means to achieve those goals. However, the PC Life Cycle Management process has become one of the more difficult functions to manage for IT organizations. With so many "moving parts," often times the difficulty is aligning the strategy and applications with the policy and processes.

We can refresh and optimize hundreds of devices per day!

Utopic Software leverages our long-standing expertise in imaging, process automation and best practices to provide an end-to-end PC Refresh service that bridges the technology challenges, current strategic initiatives and future IT consumption models.

Based on your specific and unique needs, the Utopic team can advise, manage, train or conduct any or all of the PC Refresh process across your entire enterprise. From 100 to 10,000s of PC we have the hands-on experience, the process knowledge and proprietary solutions to optimize and automate the PC Life Cycle Management Process. As part of the PC Refresh project, we help clients improve customer satisfaction by increasing end-user productivity while while reducing support costs.

Our project focus

  • Meeting budget and time line expectations: 100 PCs to 10,000s PCs
  • Optimizations incorporating new process, technologies, requirements
  • Designing, configuring and deploying new image
  • Scheduling, verification and validation of resources, metrics
  • Hardware revision, reassignment or retirement



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